Design Lead

January 2015-December 2016

Jan. 2015-Dec. 2016

About Clock'd

Clock'd was my second college startup project. I joined the team at Startup Weekend in 2015 where we took second place. Later in the year, we were accepted into the HotHouse accelerator program, a program that gives startups a working space and mentorship to further their business.

The concept

Current clock in systems are outdated and can be improved. With the Clock'd app and Bluetooth iBeacon technology, employees can easily clock in and out of work effortlessly. The app also was designed to automate other tasks such as scheduling and analytics of their work week.

Clock'd Mobile Application Design

Since Clock's primary business model was mainly based around automation, we focused our initial efforts on building out the Clock'd mobile application. After reaching out to multiple businesses, we found that the core features that we needed to address were: the clock in systems, scheduling, work history and person-to-person requests. Later in the summer, we even beta tested the Clock'd software through a temporary internal tool used by the accelerator program that we named "Leaderboards".

Clock'd Application

Setup Process

Setup Process (cont.)

Setup Process (cont.)

Sign In Screen

Setup Process (cont.)

Setup Process (cont.)

Employee Hub Overview

Clock-in Hub Overview

Clock-in Hub Overview

Estimated Hours Hub Overview

Estimated Earnings Hub Overview

Employee Directory

Employee Info

Employee Shifts

Employee Bio

Work History


Edit Projects

Allocate Project Hours

Project Detail Screen

Edit Project Details


Hothouse Leaderboard Application

Sign In Screen

Leaderboard (User Clock'd In)

Leaderboard (User Clock'd Out)

Account Screen

Clock'd Landing Page

The website was created for Clock'd initial launch at the end of the accelerator program. I also created initial mockups for the business web portal that we were planning on releasing after launch.